Berggren Brokerage process comprises detailed analysis of the assets and therefore we can give you an expert opinion of scope of protection, infringement status with claim charts etc. The process further comprises analysis of the relevant business area giving basis for value estimation. We announce the following IP assets for acquisition or licensing:

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Standard essential and implementation portfolio in ICT and social media areas

  • Over 200 granted patents in 33 patent families in the US and Europe
  • At least 10 standard essential patents (SEP)
  • Patents cover many key implementation features and concepts relating to current products in the market
  • Patent families are relevant against many companies and their key products in several social media and other ICT areas
  • Mature portfolio, which is almost fully granted
  • Inventions are based on R&D work by Telia between 1998 – 2010 and the patents are in force until around 2019 – 2032
  • The patent portfolio is available for acquisition only as a whole
  • Telia Company is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe today and continues building on its pioneering spirit and high technology expertise within both fixed and mobile communications inherited from its predecessors.” (http://www.teliacompany.com/en ).


Berggren 80 years of IP experience

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