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Microbial Fuel Cell Technology Asset and Patent Portfolio Acquisition Opportunity

An opportunity to get a jump start to MFC business by acquiring Kemira developed technology package and patent portfolio. The technology package comprises over ten operational MFC reactors and several research reports, drawings and instructions for building, manufacturing, starting and using the F-series flat reactors. The patent portfolio comprises six patent families with broad geographical coverage.

Summary of the patent families

WO2017032924 Pending: EP, US, CN, JP

WO2017085361 Pending: EP, US, CN, JP

WO2017103339 Pending: EP, US, CN, JP

WO2017115014 Pending: EP, US, CN, JP

WO2017060570 Granted: FI, Pending: EP, US, CN, JP

WO2016030582 Granted: FI, EP (DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IE, PL), Pending: US, CN






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