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Curing concrete patented technology

Challenges of current curing concrete systems:

  • Typically the current curing chambers are continuously operating such that at one end of the curing chamber fresh cast products to be cured are brought in and at the other end the cured cast products are taken out and transferred to next process stage. There are cast products of different curing stages i.e. at different temperatures at the same time. This is problematic in view of the known heating systems of the curing chambers as the relative moisture level is not optimal for cast products of different temperatures and balance between temperature and moisture level is disturbed. A just into the curing chamber entered cold cast product creates high condensate level on its surface but a warm cast product that has already been in the curing chamber for a longer time need higher relative moisture level for proper curing.



  • The patented invention relates to a method and arrangement for curing concrete products. The arrangement for curing concrete products comprises a curing chamber comprising several curing cells and the curing cells are formed to curing cell groups, in which the curing cell group is insulated in respect of other curing cell groups of the curing chamber.

  • Each curing cell group comprises temperature and/or moisture measurement means for measuring the temperature and/or moisture level of the curing cell group. The measurement data of the temperature and/or moisture measurement means is transmitted to a control system, which controls the moisture system such, that moisture level and temperature in each curing cell group is at desired values. The moisture level of each curing cell is controlled such that warmed cast products to be cured are kept at such moisture level that cracks do not occur and cold cast products to be cured are not moisturized to over required condensation level.


Patent Family:

  • Owner: Elematic Oy

  • Granted: EP 2899005 (BE, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL), US 10173342, RU, FI

  • Pending: CN, IN, Gulf Cooperation Council

  • Priority date: 31 December 2013


Relevant products:

  • Any curing chambers or equipment which utilize patented solution



  • The temperature and the moisture level are desired in each curing cell

  • The problems relating to different temperatures of cast products in the curing chamber are eliminated or at least minimized

  • The problems relating to moisture and condensate level in the curing chamber are eliminated or at least minimized

  • Better product quality

  • The invention is utilizable for different types of production process line

  • Cost saving (E.g. no need for the lime removal of water)




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