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An opportunity to acquire 3D super-resolution nanoscope patents and technology

The patented technology enables fast investigation of 3D geometric properties below the diffraction limit without sample preparation/manipulation. The technology can be implemented in commercial interferometers as an accessory. Non-destructive imaging of e.g. nanomedicines would offer affordable advantages to pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and other parties in need for accurate 3D-knowledge of native particles.  

Nanojet Oy provides the opportunity to acquire the technology and the patents for another party to build business on. The technology is proven in prototypes and actual measurements. The good quality patents have no commercial encumbrances and have clean titles.

Nanoscope patents asset

Nanoscope technology asset

The 3D Super-resolution Nanoscope combines patented combination of interferometer microscopy and photonic nanojet. The technology asset comprises necessary specifications, drawings and software needed to build the Nanoscope using off the shelf commercial components.

Software’s functionalities are data gathering and storage (proprietary/raw), surface data extraction and storage (Mountains Map and raw). Not using any third-party components and been written completely in house at Nanojet. Software written in Visual Studio 15 (C++ / MFC) and git version control. In addition, there is a collection of data-analysis, visualization and simulation scripts for Matlab.

Calibration and verification technology asset


Nanoruler is a nanometer step height transfer standard to calibrate height dimension (z) of any instrument capable of resolving nanometer features. It consists of 8 steps with 5 nm increments, total stair height 40 nm.

The stair structure dimensions are: single step rise 5 nm, single step run 20-80 µm, step count 8, stair width 2 mm, stair total run <500 µm.

Accurate and traceable calibration

The standard is based upon thin lipid film technology with guaranteed accuracy linked to fundamental molecule dimensions.  It is also optically matched for bio-imaging materials assuring accurate calibration of optical devices without phase flip errors. It comes on a standard cover slip format (total size 76×26 mm, thickness <2 mm). The materials are: stair structure=lipid material, supportive base=glass.

Nanoruler has traceable (VTT-Mikes; member of European Association of National Metrology Institutes) measurement certificate.


Nanostar is a combined lateral and vertical calibration standard for validating resolution of 3D measurement instruments.

The thin lipid technology forms only 5 nm height step structure in a star shaped form suited for determining both lateral and vertical resolution.

Fundamental accuracy

The thin lipid film technology guarantees accuracy linked to fundamental molecule dimensions. It is also optically matched for bio-imaging materials assuring flawless calibration of optical devices.

Nanostar has traceable (VTT-Mikes; member of European Association of National Metrology Institutes) measurement certificate.

2D-3D Magic

2D-3D Magic augments ordinary 2D light microscopes to perform 3D imaging on 0-40 micrometer height range, providing 3D pictures with normal 2D light microscope. It does not require modifications on instrument and is used like a standard cover slip.  

2D-3D Magic has traceable (VTT-Mikes; member of European Association of National Metrology Institutes) step height certificate.

More details of the technology asset available per request.

  • Pricing guidance: low seven figures.
  • The assets will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • Additional material available until February 28th, 2020
  • Last day to bid: April 20th, 2020




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