Our story begins with a group of people who understand the value of the market place when it comes to IP monetizing potential. We know exactly what it takes to initiate an IP monetizing project for different needs. We identified that companies may have good patents and IPs, however they are not willing to invest their time and/or are not willing to accept the risks involved when it comes to monetizing.


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We are here to make IP licensing, selling and buying easier for companies. We do third party financing based IP Portfolio Commercialization and fee-based IP selling/licensing. Berggren Brokerage consists of top IP experts who have been working around IP monetizing and commercialization cases for decades.

Our passion drives success and our solid knowledge and experience gives our customers added value. We aim to bring maximal profit for the IP holder and offer easiness in managing the process in entirety.

Why us? We provide unique and versatile opportunities to monetize your IP and we are able to provide the monetizing project based on your company need.

Berggren Brokerage works together with VisionPlus in regard to third party financing based IP Portfolio Commercialization. VisionPlus (www.visionplus.fi) is a company, which has developed a unique financing model for investing in SaaS companies, apps and internet services which helps companies to grow faster with less dilution.


Berggren 80 years of IP experience

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