In principle, Intellectual Property assets can be sold, licensed and bought just like any other property, but typically the process is very complex and time consuming. The value of an IP asset may change dramatically depending on the owner of the patent, trademark/brand, design and the current situation of the owner. For example, company entering a new market (geographical or technical) might find a lot of value in IP assets, which would lower litigation risk or help leveraging license fees.

IP licensing as such or bundled with technology and trademark/brand licensing may also be a good strategy for commercializing the IP asset. With our deep technical, IP law and business understanding we can find buyers/licensees for good quality IP assets. 

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THIRD PARTY FINANCING based IP commercialization

Patent, trademark/brand, design owner’s IP portfolio commercialization is done through sales and/or licensing based on a third party financing model. Commercialization project comprises e.g. a separate agreement with the IP owner, potential infringement analysis and detailed negotiations with counter parties. Suitable patent portfolios comprise high-quality granted EP, US and CN patents which are relevant to significant market areas.

Fee based IP commercialization

IP selling/licensing is an effective way to allow IP owners to generate further income to portfolios. One of the key issues is to identify companies who would like to acquire or license  IP/brand/technology. Separate commercialization analysis will help IP owners to decide how they would like to commercialize their IP and which companies could be target companies for selling/licensing.

Brand/trademark licensing

With brand/trademark licensing companies may expect that the license will provide them with sales growth and/or opportunity to enter a new market. In a trademark/brand licensing we monetize client’s brand and professionally manage the process.


Berggren is the top European IP house in IP commercialization services.



We help companies throughout the IP commercialization negotiations and process.

Project teams consist of experienced commercialization, technology and IP law experts.


Commercialization projects aim at maximal profit for the IP owner.

We provide unique and versatile opportunities to commercialize your IP.


We are able to carry out the commercialization project when your company needs a reliable partner.

Berggren 80 years of IP experience

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