Our key IPR Business people have a long and versatile IP industry and IP monetization background in global companies. We have prepared IP licensing/selling material, participated in licensing/selling negotiations and negotiated with tens of Fortune Global 500 companies. We have great technical competences and have prepared over 1,000 claim charts to support patent licensing/selling.

Within the Team working on our cases, we have over a dozen people actively participating in Berggren Brokerage commercialization projects.

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Mika Lehtinen
VP, IP Business Area, Partner, M.Sc in Technology

Mika has over 20 years comprehensive IP experience and especially he has focused on IP commercialization. So far he has prepared material and participated in many important patent portfolio licensing or selling projects which have generated significant profit for IP owners (up to hundreds of millions).

In his work Mika is able to benefit his broad contact networks to different kinds of global companies and patent acquiring organizations (e.g. patent funds). Mika started his IP career by working for Nokia on 1996. During his over 15 years career in Nokia he managed many demanding positions relating to different areas of IP e.g. in patent prosecution area, managing significant patent portfolios and commercializing patents.

In 2011 Mika joined Berggren and has commercialized patents in various fields, including ICT, chemistry and machinery. He is also helping clients with IP risk management and IP strategies.


Taru Kallio-Nyholm
IPR Services Manager, M.Sc. in IP Law (Ekonom), BBA

Taru has extensive IPR experience from managing global trademark and design portfolios. Taru has deep knowledge in building trademark and brand related strategies, best practices and ways of working. She started working at Nokia’s IPR department in 2002, where she eventually was responsible of managing Nokia’s global trademark and design portfolio.

Taru, who is a multitalent in business, IPR, and understanding people, joined Berggren in early 2016. She has truly devoted herself to her passion which is to help companies to understand the importance of IP for their business. Taru’s motto ‘How does IPR enable business better?’ drives her in her work and she enjoys seeing customers succeed in their business due to IPR. Profound in-house understanding of the clients’ business and IPR possibilities allows her to help to create a holistic strategy.

Taru gives expert solutions to old and new customers and has so far on her career made over 1,000 risk analysis.


Tuomas Matila
IPR Business Manager, Partner, Patent Attorney, M.Sc.

A senior level Intellectual Property Rights professional with proven history of effectively handling various IPR commercialization projects including technology / patent licensing, IP asset sales / acquisitions and assessments. Tuomas has worked within the IP area since 2000, which gives him a firm experience on evaluating patents and identifying infringements, but also on understanding a broad range of technologies, building business opportunities and orchestrating negotiations.

Tuomas started his IP career at Nokia and worked there for 12 years in patenting, portfolio management, IP litigation and technology out-licensing. Before joining Berggren Tuomas was the Head of Boco IP’s Oulu office and served customers for three years as a patent attorney drafting and prosecuting applications as well as other IP assignments.

This hungry professional follows his motto learned from Yoda: ‘Do or do not, there is no try’. He knows how selling or licensing patents is used to make profit to the client – in other words how to commercialize IP. Tuomas feels the most proud of his work when a customer finds his work profitable.


Mika Pinolehto
IPR Business Manager, Patent Attorney, Partner, M.Sc.

Mika has a strong, 20 year IP experience mainly from various roles in the industry. During that time Mika has been working in numerous successful international patent licensing, sales and litigation projects and negotiations and he has prepared marketing materials and hundreds of claim charts for the same purposes. He has 15 years of experience in Nokia IPR in various positions from patent prosecution area to patent licensing and he joined in Berggren in 2014.

Mika’s fields of expertise in Berggren are patent portfolio monetisation, infringement analysis, IP strategies and risk management and technologically SW & applications, mobile & communication technology and mechanical engineering. Hobbies like bicycling, motorcycling, snowmobiling and servicing and fixing the equipment by himself gives him an extra boost for mechanical knowledge. He understands the technological but also the commercial aspect which is crucial in IP commercialisation for making an infringement analysis, IP valuation and gaining maximum profit for customers.

Long experience in the industry side makes him easy to adapt to a customer point of view and gives the ability to see what is best for the customer. That makes him a remarkable expert in IP commercialisation.


Jatta Toro
IP Business Specialist, Service Manager, Patent Attorney, M.Sc. in Technology

Jatta graduated as Master of Science in Technology in 2005. Her initial interest in IP grew while she worked as a summer employee at Finnish Patent and Registration Office and at Elisa’s IP department. After finishing her studies, specializing in electricity and telecommunications, she started working as a patent engineer at Nokia. Jatta handled inventions, filed patent applications and prosecuted them. After only one year she was already managing and commercializing patent portfolios as IP manager. Then she moved on to Tieto where she worked as Head of IPR and Open Source. Her post included IP risk management and training personnel on how to use open source codes legally. Later at the Post Office of Finland she managed patent portfolios, and found new business models as Development Manager of innovation team.

Jatta doesn’t see herself as ’a basic engineer’ because she is interested in the business side of things as well. That’s why she started working as an IP business specialist at Berggren in 2013. She is fascinated by what can be done with IP. It’s an opportunity to make profit although it’s often considered as cost. Jatta is studying IP law beside her work but she is already an expert in commercializing IP. Both in her private and working life she lives by her motto ’dream, make it happen, and enjoy’. In her work she enjoys successful projects, commercializing customer’s patents, positive feedback, and trust gained from clients.



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