04.05.2018 11:01
There is always a demand for good quality patents

In certain circumstances buying patents is a good option, especially when patents are needed fast. Building a patent protfolio based on own R&D takes several years while prosecution and technology evo... Read more about it.

01.03.2018 15:28
Chinese patents - The most valuable patents in the world

China started to build a patent system as late as mid 80's and already now it is fighting to become the number one venue for IP holders to protect their rights. In the near future China may become the... Read more about it.

03.02.2017 12:04
"Shall we dance?" - pas de deux of trademarks and brands

IPR Services Manager Taru Kallio-Nyholm writes about the relationship of trademarks and brands Read more about it.

03.02.2017 12:03
Would you buy a second hand patent from this IP agent?

IPR Business Manager Tuomas Matila writes about how to make the most of your patent portfolio. Read more about it.

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