IP buying is an effective way to solve an IP (patent, trademark, design) deficiency challenge. In many technology areas, you can buy IP assets on the open market that can substantially improve your IP position, reduce your business risk and strengthen your competitive position fast. 

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Finding an IP asset, which actually solves the deficiency challenge, may be very difficult. The current owner likely operates in the same market and may find selling IP assets to a future competitor difficult. Furthermore, the value of IP assets is difficult to define especially when patents are considered. Matters like quality, legal strength, scope of protection etc. have a huge effect on the value of patents, trademarks and designs, not to mention if there are any infringing products or services.  

With our deep technical, IP law and business understanding we can find good quality IP assets suiting your purposes.


Berggren is the top European IP house in IP acquisition services.



We have direct contacts to many significant IP portfolio owners in Europe.

Project teams consist of experienced commercialization, technology and IP law experts.


We are able to carry out the acquisition project based on your company’s needs.

We provide unique and versatile opportunities to acquire new IP for your company.


We have already a plenty of valuable portfolios available for acquisition.

Berggren 80 years of IP experience

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